Licensing CLI

Date 2023-06-19
Author Frederik Engelhardt


The Licensing CLI is an example of how to use the equadrat Framework and how to build Azure Pipeline tasks.

The project is a CLI to sign and validate license files. The CLI can be installed using the dotnet command line. There is an Azure Pipelines Task to use the CLI tool in Azure DevOps.

Internally it uses Portable.BouncyCastle to interact with keys and license files.


In the project you will find examples of:

  • How to use ICoreBootstrapper and ICoreBootstrapperModules.
  • How to combine Microsoft Extensions and Core IOC.
  • How to use several components of the Core framework, such as Core Licensing.
  • How to use the Core framework in unit tests.

Getting Startet

Download the source code from GitHub: NuGet.Tool, Azure Pipelines Task.

Open the project in Visual Studio 2022 or later for the NuGet Tool, or Visual Studio Code for the Azure Pipelines Task.

Start with /Source/Source/CLI/Licensing/Program.cs