Date 2023-01-15
Author Frederik Engelhardt


The NuGet.Cleaner is an example of how to use the equadrat Framework.

The project is a service to maintain the packages of a NuGet feed. Primary usecase is to cleanup a feed from deprecated package versions.

Internally it uses the NuGet.Protocol to interact with NuGet.


In the project you will find examples of:

  • How to use ICoreBootstrapper and ICoreBootstrapperModules.
  • How to combine Microsoft Extensions and Core IOC.
  • How to use several components of the Core framework, such as Core LoggingContext and Targets, CoreTaskScheduler, CoreLockFactory, CoreTokenFactory.
  • How to use the Core framework in unit tests.

Getting Startet

Download the source code from GitHub.

Open the project in Visual Studio 2022 or later.

Start with /Source/Worker/NuGet/Cleaner/Program.cs


Source Code on GitHub